Peter's Mix Week 19

So I met a boy and he's cute and just to be thaaat guy here is a playlist for those going through a new crush and the feelings that accompany it. I know I'm not the only one that struggles with their emotions, but man I honestly don't know how to process my feelings. I can go from one level of crushing one minute to a crashing realization that love is a lie and no one will like me the next day, back to puppy love crushes the minute the next text comes in.  This sort of spiral of emotions is definitely something more prominent in the texting era we live in where the littlest thing can be picked apart and obsessed over since non-verbal communication leaves room for misinterpretation. Wish me luck on this new one though, he's pretty cute. 




I mean, look at me, I'm a catch lol. 

I mean, look at me, I'm a catch lol. 

Peter's Mix Week 18

Oh my! My brother got married this weekend so I've been pretty busy trying to help make sure everything this week has been ready to go for that. Mostly been stressing out about my best man's speech and if I can deliver something good and meaningful. 

This is a rough collection of songs vaguely related to love and also just pretty to listen to.

Special shoutout to the track by Stars and the Vance Joy remix.

Peter's Mix Week 17

I've been super unfocused with this lately and have been doing more singles that I've found and enjoyed over the week, both old and new, and less of the curated themed playlists that I intended to do with this portion of my blog. I'll try to be better. Holiday season is stressful though. So I apologize for lack of effort. 

I haven't seen The Greatest Showman yet but this single that Kesha was recruited to do gives me high hopes!

Peter's Mix Week 16

I finally feel like I'm getting settled here in Houston and honestly that scares me. I should be able to enjoy this and be happy that I have great friends here and I have people I can rely on to makes plans for drinks or meals around town. Then I get that nagging feeling in my stomach that I shouldn't be here and that I should be doing more and that sounds awful and petty and I don't know how to feel about that but here are some songs I listened to this week to help me cope with these thoughts. Special shoutout to the Anastasia Musical Cast Album which has been giving me life all week. 

Peter's Mix Week 15

Twas a busy week for me and I didn't really get as much time as I would've liked to find music but the few things I did hear were great. I had to add some Taylor because the new album was finally added to Spotify and is fantastic. (Haters go away) There are a few standout tracks, namely Tonya Harding by Sufjan and Back 2 U by SISTERS that I would definitely suggest checking out. Cheers!

Peter's Mix Week 14

So this week was really great because one of my best friend's came to Houston to visit for 4 days and it was just the pick me up I needed to finish 2017 on a good note. I can talk forever about how much it sucks when you don't live in the same city as your friends but those few times you do get to see each other and hang out are more special because of it. It is also weird because you have this weird responsibility to show your city in its best light and it made me feel almost like a visitor here as well as we tried to find fun things to do around town. Ended up finding two new cidery's that I didn't know about previously as well as spending a glorious day soaking up rays at the beach. A rare treat for a Michigander to sit in the 80-degree sun in the middle of December. I hope to make this a more common occurrence soon!

Peter's Mix Week 13: Thanksgiving

So my Thanksgiving was wayyyy better than I could've ever hoped for. For one the food was bomb af. My family knows how to cook and this year they really did a good job. It could also be that the sangria was just too strong and I don't know what I'm saying but I'll go with it being tasty. We played and subsequently lost a board game version of an Escape Room and then stayed up until 2 in the morning playing Charades which is always great with the whole family. Thankful for memories like this. Anyways here's my mix. 

Peter's Mix Week 12

2017 didn't start off too strongly on the music scene but it knows how to finish off strong. From last week's new Taylor Swift to this week with my local ATX fave Wild Child releasing 2 new singles, I've been a very happy listener.  Here are some of my favorite new tracks of the year. Most are recent releases, but some are just new to me. Enjoy!

Halloween 2017

I love Halloween. It is one of those holidays with very little obligation and brings about the opportunity to hide behind a different visage for a bit. As someone who knows a fair share about hiding your true self, it is a day that really resonates with me. My only issue is the that the standard collection of thematic music is pretty stale to me. You can only listen to the Monster Mash so many times. So for this special playlist, I present a collection of songs to get you in a spooky mood that you can also bop to. Enjoy!

And as always let me know what songs are your favorites and any new music you'd like featured.

Also here are some of my costumes from this year. 

First, I was able to gather the Riverdale crew together for a classic Archie look.   "I'm weird, I'm a weirdo."

First, I was able to gather the Riverdale crew together for a classic Archie look. 

"I'm weird, I'm a weirdo."

Secondly, I was able to channel my inner Barb for a Stranger Things inspired costume. 

Secondly, I was able to channel my inner Barb for a Stranger Things inspired costume. 

Peter's Mix Week 9

I've been looking forward to this week for a while now. This weekend I was able to fly out to Chicago for an amazing Halloweekend with some of my best friends in the world and let me tell you, it was MUCH needed. So for this playlist, I was really able to delve into one of my least favorite things, which is saying goodbye. I came out of the visit super rejuvenated though, with a lot to look forward to in the coming year. Hopefully you can feel what it meant to me in this sonic journey. 

Peter's Mix Week 8

I got kind of lazy this week so this is just a playlist of some new songs that I'm really digging along with a few old favorites. I think this new Maroon 5 song is my new favorite of theirs.

Peter's Mix Week 7



So to prepare for our upcoming nuclear winter I'd like to put you in the mindset of a young couple knowing the war is about to begin and this is their last weekend together. Definitely listen to this one in order because shuffle will ruin the narrative.

What are your favorite songs to celebrate the end of the world as we know it?

Peter's Mix Week 6

This was one draining week and this playlist is supposed to compliment that.  By Friday I felt completely spent and really didn't want to do much over the weekend. I literally spent my Friday night working out and then sitting at a bar in my gym clothes if that paints a picture. 

Peter's Mix Week 5

From last week to this, I did a complete mix up on the vibe I'm sharing. This week was just long and drawn out and in times like that, I always find myself returning to a more Folk/Americana playlist. These are some of my favorites, what are yours?


Peter's Mix Week 4

This week I tried to make a beginner's guide to Indietronica which is perhaps my favorite genre as of late. It has reliable indie melodies and meaningful lyrics while also enough synth persuasions and utilization of other technologies to make these all certified boppers. 


Peter's Mix Week 3

So this week has been one for the books. It has very much felt like a new beginning and so this week's hour of music goes with that feeling. Beginnings and endings are both important and necessary to our sanity so listen along and hopefully, you can find your own start in the music. 

I'd love to know what your favorites are, as well as anything new that you like, so let me know in the comments!