So you might be asking, "Since when do you blog?"

Well the answer is since always, but never really for the public. These thoughts were how I kept up conversations, or the notes I journal-ed at the end of the day. But now I feel comfortable sharing them with everyone. This leads me to addressing something that I get asked about quite frequently which is do you still take pictures. The answer is yes and also no. I no longer operate or entertain the idea of being a photographer which doesn't take away from my love of the medium. I guess it's the damn millennial in me but it gets quite cumbersome to carry a heavy camera around with me every day when I have a phone with way better specs on my person at all times. Iphoneography is my new preferred medium of choice and it is amazing what the results are. 

Though I do love taking photos, I did not take the time to build a network around it when I moved away from Chicago and back home to Houston. I didn't have that same support system of models and makeup artists always down to shoot after classes or on the weekends at a whim. I might have even lost my confidence in my abilities a bit which is like not a good thing but also inevitable. It's hard to not compare yourself to others, and when the photographers you admire keep growing while you remain stagnant it just doesn't feel the same. 

This brings me to Rocks & Daggers. My old blog was called Finding Neverland and though I still appreciate that sentiment and having a story build around the notions of my favorite Disney heroes I like having more freedom to write about what I want and Rocks & Daggers fills that niche for me. Inspired by one of my favorite Noah and the Whale songs I felt like it still captured a bit of the mystique of the Lost Boys that I still relate to so much. On that note I'd like to switch over all of my pages related to my old photography business and focus them on my all encompassing brand of Rocks & Daggers. Here I will share photos, and music critiques, and stories of my life and of the topics that I care about.


Welcome to Rocks & Daggers!